Face Painting & More

Face Painting

Hire our royal Face Painter for your party or event.


Recommended 10 or less faces per hour. Contact for business and special event pricing.
Face Painting                                        $125 for first hour
 $100 for each additional hour
Bling Add-On                                        Contact for pricing
(Add handmade 3D gems, unicorn horns, dinosaur horns and more to your Face Painting Party!)

Waterproof Face Painting

Our Waterproof (and sweat-proof) Face Painting is perfect for pool parties, waterparks, or outdoor summer parties!
Waterproof Face Painting                    Contact for pricing

Glitter Tattoos

Our Glitter Tattoos are so much fun for kids, adults, and large events! 
They are waterproof and last 3-7 days (or until removed).  
We even have UV/blacklight glitter!


Glitter Tattoos                                       Contact for pricing

Airbrush Tattoos

Our Airbrush Tattoo designs range from cute kids designs to realistic full tattoo sleeves!  Perfect for kids, adults, and large events!  


Airbrush Tattoos                                    Contact for pricing

Grown-Up Glam Face Painting

Who said Face Painting was just for kids? Our Grown-Up Glam Face Painting and Body Art options offer wearable works of art that any grown-up would love to show off.  Perfect for bachelorette parties, weddings, festivals, office parties, and birthday bashes, and much more.
Grown-Up Glam Face Painting            Contact for pricing
Grown-Up Glam Body Painting           Contact for pricing